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STBMS Employee Benefit Plan:

STBMS is committed to provide their employees, a professional environment and an excellent benefit package. All full-time, salaried employees of STBMS are eligible for the following standard benefit package:
1. Medical Insurance

STBMS offers a variety of medical insurance programs to choose from. Depending on employee preferences and requirements, they can choose a suitable medical plan that best address their requirements.

2. Life Insurance

STBMS provides with a life insurance benefit which is equal to the annual salary of each employee. Employee can also take dependent life insurance for an additional amount.

3. Disability Insurance

STBMS offers short term disability which provides salary continuance during the disabled time(upto 13 weeks) at the rate of $750 per week. Long Term Disability provides partial salary replacement during the disabled time after 14th week.

4. Vacation

Employees accrue vacation based on their length of service at the rate of 2 weeks per year. Accrued time off can be used for holiday vacation, illness or personal time-off. Employees accrue vacation at the rate of 6.67 hours per month.

5. Holidays

Employees will get nine paid holidays each Year. If an employee working at client site, they will be following the client holidays.

6. Educational Assistance

STBMS reimburses employees 50% of the tuition fee for pre-approved, business related courses. Employees are eligible after six months of employment with STBMS. Employees are also eligible for attending training sessions offered by STBMS.

7. Referral bonus

STBMS offers bonus for the consultants after 120 days for any referral resulting in a professional-level hire. Special referral bonus programs may be introduced from time-to-time.

8. 401K

STBMS is going to be introducing 401K plan shortly for all the salaried employees. Deductions would be made on pre-tax basis. The portfolio would offer a wide selection of funds for investment.
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