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Many corporations IT Servicesacross the globe are facing the challenge of how to allocate internal IT resources and develop IT solutions. This often drives the focus, capital and resources away from core job functions. This can be disadvantageous in today's competitive market.

A Remote Development Facility (RDF) offers the advantage of a Virtual Development Environment (VDE) - around the clock application development and maintenance activities.


We are working on setting up RDF facilities in Falls Church, VA and Orlando, FL. We are also planning to establish an offshore development facility in Karachi, Pakistan. Using high speed Satellite links and secure networks, our consultants would be able reach worldwide customers. We would deliver customer focused development and maintenance solutions on a variety of software platforms. This will give us the ability to out perform the competition.

Cost Savings

Clients using our remote development facilities would realize savings in their application development costs. Our offshore development sites would allow clients to benefit from Southeast Asian economies.

An RDF allows cost savings of more than 50-75% when compared to on-site development facilities.

Our RDF's in the USA would help you reduce the costs involved in the IT infrastructure. No longer you would need to spend valuable corporate dollars on the costs involved in providing consultants with travel and living related expenses.


Without proper and effective communication and coordination between customers and developers, pitfalls arise. Our vast experience gives customers the reliability that they can depend on. We would provide both fast and efficient communication and project tracking with minimum expense and risk.

We have the right resources and the right tools to make application outsourcing a very successful venture for our customers.

RDF Service Offerings

  • Client/Server Application Development
  • Internet/Intranet Application Development
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • Database Design and implementation
  • Production Database support
  • Code Optimization and Tuning
  • Application Testing
  • Product Development

Our wide variety of RDF services offerings and our low costs would give us an advantage over the competition.

Once these RDF's are set up, we will be well equipped to handle all our client needs. As our client, you will always have access to our world-class capabilities and our seasoned staff of consultants.


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